Getting the Itch to Spring Clean?

​When the sun comes out, it’s easy to get excited about fresh air and spring cleaning. We’re all ready for beautiful weather ahead. Here’s a handy checklist of things you might not have thought to clean: Drains: kitchen, bathroom, floor, shower/tub, laundry. If you can pull them up and clean out build-up do that. If…

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Want a shiny stainless steel sink?

How to clean a stainless steel sink

You can make a stainless steel sink really shine with club soda or white vinegar.  After normal use, wipe with a damp cloth and dry with a soft cloth.  To deep clean, wipe with a solution of ammonia and water or dish detergent and water.  Dry thoroughly to avoid spots.  Treat rust marks by rubbing…

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Fall To Do List

fall to do list includes cleaning dryer vents

Here is a handy list of tasks to check to see if it’s time to get them done this fall. If you don’t live in town, when is the last time you had your septic system checked or pumped? Change your batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Text your hard-wired alarms in your…

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Detailing Summer Toys Before Storage

pontoon detailing service

If you can drive it or spend time in it, it likely needs to be detailed! Our detailing service extends beyond cars, trucks, and SUVs. We also detail fishing boats, ski boats, pull-behind campers, RV’s and pontoons! If you’ve never had your recreational vehicles and toys detailed, you’ll be surprised at how fresh and new…

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Cleaning Sprinklers and Water Nozzles

If you need to occasionally clean your shower head or water faucet to remove build-up, the same may be true of your lawn sprinklers and garden hose water nozzles. Hard water and natural elements can be hard on them, and you may notice less pressure or functionality over time. Here are a few things you…

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Schedule Cleaning While on Summer Vacation

have your house cleaned while on vacation

Summer vacation is a great time to have our crew professionally clean your home or clean your carpets. We have the space and time to do a deeper cleaning and let carpets dry before you get back home. Even if you’re not on vacation until later July, August, or September, contact us so we can…

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Spring Cleaning Tips

Window Screens: Lay a large fluffy bath or beach towel across your counter or dining room table. Place your screen on the towel and scrub each side gently with soapy water, a brush, and a dry after side two. Dishwasher: Send everything that’s washable through your dishwasher after wiping off any debris including: garbage can…

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Clean Away the Germs

​A year of doing all we can to stay healthy has had everyone doing extra cleaning and sanitizing, as well as being extra vigilant about germs. Our cleaning crew has taken extra precautions to stop the spread of COVID while providing you with cleaning services as allowed by the guidelines set forth by the Governor…

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Fall Cleaning Checklist

Dust the tops of door and window frames Wash walls, especially in high traffic areas, bathroom, and kitchen Wipe baseboards and trim Clean the fronts of kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors and drawers Wash potholders, curtains, and other fabric items in the kitchen that collect grease and dust. Clean ceiling fan blades Wipe out the…

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Time to Get the Carpets Cleaned

Have your carpets had extra traffic during COVID-19, with everyone at home for extended periods of time? Maybe they’re looking a little grungy. Maybe they look pretty good, but you know it’s been a while since they’ve been cleaned. Good News! The weather is warm which means we can use our equipment and delight customers…

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