Spring Cleaning Is Around the Corner

Do you believe in the ground hog’s predictions this year? Whether you have faith in his prediction abilities or not, Spring is right around the corner! Who else is ready to open windows and get the house spring cleaned?

Spring cleaning can mean something different to everyone, but most people associate it with deep cleaning and hard work. However, once the job is complete, the rewards are well worth the effort.

When deep cleaning, you’ll want to consider places that rarely get cleaned or wiped down. For a fresher home, clean scents, and reduction in germs, consider the following tasks:

  • Wipe down walls. All walls are best, but if you can’t do them all, wipe walls in the bathroom, next to garbage cans, pet areas, entryways, (High traffic areas).
  • Wipe down baseboards, clean air return vents, and heat vents. Use a brush and vacuum to get as much as possible. Consider hiring a professional to clean the ducts completely.
  • Clean windows and screens. Take screens off, vacuum, and lay on a flat surface with a absorbent towel underneath. Use a soft bristle brush, warm water, and dish soap to clean. Dry with a soft cloth.
  • Wipe out cupboards, removing the contents and scrubbing shelves and outside surfaces.
  • Move furniture to clean/sweep/vacuum underneath.
  • Clean shower head with vinegar to free built-up residue, and unclog bathtub/shower drains.
  • Shake out, vacuum or wash rugs
  • Vacuum or clean drapes, curtains, shower curtains, and other fabric related décor.
  • Things that can use fresh air that are hard to wash, consider putting outside in the fresh air, breeze, and sun to air out.

You don’t need to rush out and purchase a bunch of cleaning products. Keep in mind that simple dish soap, vinegar, and baking soda will do wonders with helping you clean, scrub and deodorize. I have published lots of DIY cleaning tips on my blog. Make a list, start small, and you will make progress.​

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