Microwave Cleaning Trick

Do you know the microwave cleaning trick?

easy microwave cleaning tip

If you have stuck on food or splatters that just don’t want to easily wipe off, you need to know the microwave cleaning trick. There is no need for cleaners or abrasives, and you have everything you need in the kitchen.

Fill a small glass bowl or coffee mug with water. Set it in the microwave and turn it on until it is hot and steamy (usually a couple minutes).

Don’t open the door. Set your timer for 30 minutes, open the door, and wipe your microwave out with a soft, damp cloth. The moisture from the steamy water will loosen tough spills and make cleaning a snap.

You can make your microwave smell great by using a few drops of vanilla, almond, or lemon extract in the water before you heat it.

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