Operation Christmas Child

Each year, people all over the world come together to package items in shoe boxes that are shipped all over the world. Operation Christmas Child gives thousands of children an opportunity to experience the love and compassion that Christmas is all about. Do you participate in Operation Christmas Child?

Anyone can contribute, individually or as part of a church or organization. Look for posters and information soon around your area, visit Operation Christmas Child online or ask around. Chances are you know many people who are involved with this project.

If you missed your opportunity to participate this year, start watching sales and collecting things all year to include in your box next year!

  • Hard candy and suckers
  • Small toys like rubber balls, jacks, jump ropes, marbles
  • Plush toys and small dolls
  • Hygiene items like tooth brushes, tooth paste, bar soap
  • Paper, pencils, pens, crayons
  • Color books and stickers
  • Hair ties, ribbons, brush, comb
  • Matchbox cars and trucks
  • Baby rattles, cloth diapers
  • Small wash cloth, hand towel
  • Socks, underwear

With some planning, saving, and watching clearance sales, you can fill quite a few boxes!


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