Back to School Savings

While you may need to buy new items for the school year, there are many things on which you can avoid wasting money. For starters, take the time to do a GOOD inventory, and include your kids.

  • Go through every drawer and item in the closet. Do they like it? Does it fit? Will he/she wear it. If your child didn’t wear it last year, it’s not likely they will again. However, if something still fits and they like it, there’s no reason to replace it.
  • Try shoes, jackets and clothes on!
  • Make a pile of shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, shoes and dresses. If they have multiples of everything, why shop now?
  • If it’s apparent that they only need jeans or shoes, just shop for those items.
  • A new backpack, thermos, lunchbox, each year is an unnecessary expense if there isn’t anything wrong with last year’s. Spend a few minutes washing/wiping/updating labels or swap with a friend.
  • Remember to swap hand-me-downs with friends, ask around for something they’ll only use for a short time (scientific calculator, protractor, recorder, etc)

What’s your BEST tip for saving money on back-to-school items?


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