Announcing Heidi, New Owner of TidyTightwads

As the founder and owner of Tidy Tightwads, it has been an honor to have been entrusted with the cleaning and care of your homes, businesses, and vehicles for the past 17 years. We’ve grown A LOT, weathered a pandemic and now it’s bittersweet that I share with you that Tidy Tightwads will be under new ownership as of March 14th and will continue offering the same quality cleaning and reliability on which we’ve built our reputation. Please know that if you are a recurring client, or have services already scheduled, that we will be there as promised and you can still reach us at the same number/email as above. The clutter box service will stay on as an added service.

I will be staying on for a little while to assist with the transition-my goal is to make it as smooth as possible for our clients, our team and the new owner!

Who’s taking over Tidy Tightwads you ask? It’s a pleasure to introduce you to Heidi Ruiz, who has young, new energy and is excited to jump in and get to know you. She is not a stranger to the cleaning world and has attended a few cleaning conferences and shares the same values of customized client care.

What’s on the agenda for me? Well, first off probably 48 hours of uninterrupted sleep! Those of you who know me and my passion for organizing, rest assured I will stay working with clients in person and virtually to corral clutter in their lives! I will be working out of my home office. Watch my Facebook page for more exciting news to come. I will focus/promote my book sales as well….if you still need a signed, copy let me know!

Tidy Tightwads has been a fourth child to me over the years, nurturing it’s growth has been very rewarding, but I am also excited to see where Heidi can take this opportunity. I’ve worked hard along with a very strong team and started out of the trunk of my car with a mop and a bucket 17 years ago!

Thank you for the business opportunity! You’re in good hands! If you rendered services in March, I will invoice you on the 14th. Heidi will invoice you at the end of March for services provided from the 15-31st. Please either call/text Heidi at the above number after the 15th if you need to get a hold of me, as I will be getting a new phone number or e-mail me at [email protected]

Tidy Tightwads